Community Development Applications & Forms

Please submit all zoning permits by email to

Street Performer Application
Code Enforcement staff process the annual permits for street performers starting on September 1 of each year. The maximum amount of street performers permitted is 12 and each street performer application with required accompanying items must be complete before applications are considered. Items required are:

  • Completed application
  • Completed background check form
  • Background check fee of $75
  • Permit fee of $75
  • Liability insurance documentation

Along with the application and required items, staff conduct an interview before performers are permitted and ensure that the performer understands Ordinance 19-06.
Towing License Application
Town of Fort Myers Beach Ordinance 19-02 requires towing companies operating in the Town of Fort Myers Beach to apply for and receive a Towing License, and sets the maximum towing and storage rates for vehicles picked up from property located within the Town's jurisdiction. 
Code Enforcement Lien Reduction Request Application


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