Code Enforcement

Code enforcement complaints may be submitted by email to

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The Town of Fort Myers Beach Land Development Code does not allow the parking of Recreational Vehicles on residential properties for the purpose of occupancy. Please click the link below for information related to the parking of Recreational Vehicles within Estero Island.
RV Parking Information

A frequent code enforcement issue involves the garbage collection on Fort Myers Beach. Please see the link below for information about Wednesday recycling and yard waste collection, and Thursday regular garbage collection.
Garbage Collection Information

The Town of Fort Myers Beach adopted Ordinance 13-01, the International Property Maintenance Code, with some amendments, on January 22, 2013. Please see the link below for a complete copy of the amended Property Maintenance Code for Fort Myers Beach.

Commercial Recycling became mandatory on November 1, 2013. Town Council adopted Ordinance 13-05 on August 5, 2013, which requires all commercial establishments to recycle, at a minimum, one type of recyclable material that the business generates. The primary recyclable material must be the recyclable material that comprises the largest portion of the establishment's waste stream.

Code Enforcement staff processes the annual permits for Street Performers. Along with an application and a background check, staff conducts an interview and ensures that the performer understands Ordinance 15-09. The application for street performers can be found HERE under Miscellaneous Applications.