Public Information


The Town of Fort Myers Beach maintains social media pages to share news and information related to Town governance, events, activities, services and functions. We do respect the public's right to freely express opinions. The Town requests that members of the public who engage on the Town's social media outlets be courteous and respectful and refrain from vulgar language, personal attacks, or offensive comments that disparage ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious or other groups. We do reserve the right to hide comments of this nature. We also reserve the right to delete comments that are spam or link to other sites, advocate illegal activity, promote services, products, or views that are not consistent with the Town, infringe on copyrights or trademarks, or use personally identifiable medical information. Please keep in mind when communicating on the Town's social media platforms that all posts, messages, responses and files are public records and are subject by law to public disclosure and public records requests. If you have questions about the Town's social media, contact the Town’s Communications Coordinator by email at

  1. Jennifer Dexter

    Communications Coordinator