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Dinghy Permit

  1. Instructions
    Dinghy permits are issued free of charge to mariners of Fort Myers Beach 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Decals are to be placed on the vessel on top of the engine. This placement will make overall enforcement more effective and help minimize decal theft. Decals are non-transferable. If you get a new dinghy or new mothership, you must notify Matanzas Inn. If the permit and vessel registration do not match, your vessel will be ticketed and/or removed. Permits are valid for a maximum of six months. Requirements: To obtain a permit, the dinghy or mothership must possess a valid vessel registration in the owner's name. A valid form of identification must be presented. Enforcement: Violators of the permit regulations will be tagged for non-compliance. Abuse of the regulations may be grounds for decal revocation by the Town of Fort Myers Beach.
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  3. Decals once requested via this form should be picked up at Matanzas Inn, 414 Crescent Street, Fort Myers Beach, 33931. Matanzas is the Mooring Field Management Office. Phone number is (239) 463-9258. There is no charge for a permit. Permits are issued 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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