Where does the trash go that's picked up from my curb?
It goes to Lee County’s 260 acre Waste Resource Recovery Facility on Buckingham Road, and gets sorted for reusable and recyclable materials. The parts of your trash with the lowest value are converted to energy that powers thousands of households!
Tours of this facility are available by calling 239-533-8000. On the tour, you will learn about “The Pit” and “The Claw” and a giant magnet, and how they fit into the disposal of your trash in viable economic and environmental ways.
Reusable and recyclable materials include plastic, cardboard, glass, metal cans, construction debris, tires, trees and brush. Learn more: 
Need mulch? It’s FREE to Lee County residents at five locations. (Yard debris is turned into mulch.) 

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9. Where does the trash go that's picked up from my curb?