Historic Preservation Board (HPB)


The Local Planning Agency (LPA) also serves as the Town's Historic Preservation Board under Land Development Code Chapter 22. The Board has the power, authority, and jurisdiction to designate, regulate, and administer historical, cultural, archaeological, and architectural resources in the Town as provided in LDC Chapter 22.

Mission Statement

It is the intent of Fort Myers Beach Historic Preservation Board:
  • To increase public awareness of the importance and significance of Fort Myers Beach's historical and archaeological heritage by protecting, preserving, and perpetuating Fort Myers Beach's historic and archaeological artifacts, sites, districts, structures, buildings, and properties.
  • To encourage current owners of historically significant properties to voluntarily add protective covenants to the deeds of their properties.
  • To create awareness among the citizens of Fort Myers Beach of the immediate need to become watchdogs and preservationists of our fast disappearing historical properties.