Projects Around Town

Big Carlos Pass Bridge Project by Lee County

The Lee County Department of Transportation (DOT) is in the process of assessing improvements needed to the Big Carlos Pass Bridge on Estero Boulevard (County Road 865) on the south end of the Town/Estero Island.

Visit the website that has been set up to share status and information about this project.

Connecticut Street Sidewalks

The Florida Department of Transportation started a project in the Fall of 2020 to construct sidewalk and drainage on the east side of Connecticut Street from Estero Boulevard to Shell Mound Boulevard. 

Read more about the project. 

Estero Boulevard Improvement Project 

Since 2007, the Lee County Department of Transportation and the Town of Fort Myers Beach have been working together to first develop plans and then reconstruct Estero Boulevard from Crescent Street to Big Carlos Pass. The two major goals of this project have been to improve safety for ALL users (motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians), and improve drainage on Estero Boulevard.

Find current updates on a website specifically devoted to this project.

Matanzas Bay Bridge Base - Traffic and Landscaping

Lee County is planning improvements to streets, stoplights, traffic flows, and landscaping in the areas at the base of the Matanzas Bay Bridge (north end/downtown area.) Lee County officials briefed Town Council on a couple occasions in 2020, with preliminary designs expected in the first quarter of 2021. Public hearings and the bidding process will follow, with construction expected to begin in 2022.

Update by Lee County officials to Town Council - October 19, 2020

Times Square Redesign

Since 2018, the Town has been in the process of planning for a redesign of Times Square, one of the most iconic areas of Fort Myers Beach. Times Square, on the north end of Estero Island at the base of Matanzas Pass Bridge, has a variety of beachfront retail and restaurant establishments and is considered the downtown area of the Town of Fort Myers Beach. The redesign will include the current clock in Times Square and updates to the square's aesthetics including walkways, common areas, and an entertainment stage. DRMP, Inc., has provided the architectural design and engineering for the project. Requests for bids on the project are expected to be distributed by the summer of 2021, with construction expected to get underway sometime in 2022. 

See the site plans. 

Waterline Replacement Project 

The reFRESH waterlines program is a replacement of existing water mains with a new, more efficient water main system that began in 2014 and is ongoing in cooperation with Lee County and the Town. The reFRESH waterlines team is coordinating with Lee County Utilities to replace sanitary sewer in some areas of the project.

Find current updates on a website specifically devoted to this project.