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On May 7, 2018, the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach formalized the registration process for Short Term Rentals. Parties engaging in Short Term Rentals should familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct. Below are links to the Code of Conduct, Resolution 18-01 setting the registration fees and the application form. Questions can be emailed to or call Town Hall at (239) 765-0202.

  24 hour hotline to report short-term rental violations:  (435) 787-4357 or (239) 778-1171

“Opt-Out Provision. Condominium associations may opt out and self-perform an enforcement program for code of conduct violations under LDC section 34–2393 not unlike the methods and procedures at LDC Sec. 2394 upon making application to the town manager or designee and paying the required fee for each building for which exemption is sought.” This opt–out provision applies to the entire condo building – it is not available for a subset of units within a building. To be considered for the opt out provision, the condominium must submit a letter in the exact format provided below and one registration form for each building.

Short Term Rentals, Ordinance 18-01

Short Term Rentals,  Fees

Code of Conduct

2021 Short Term Rental Registration / Renewal

The Short Term Rental Registration form may also be downloaded, filled out and emailed to the If automatic email submittal is not generated, please download, fill out and attach document to email and send to

Condominium Letter

Pre-existing Rental

Registered Condominium Opt Out List

Short Term Rentals Rules

Division 32-A. - Short-Term Rentals

Short Term Rental Registry Search

  1. Kristin Schumacher

    Code Enforcement/STR Coordinator
    Phone: 239-765-0202 ext. 1200