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Flood Information
Floodplain Mapping
FEMA Map Service Center 

Find My Flood Zone  (Use the search icon and type in your address)
Labels are provided on the map to describe which flood zone each property lies within. Properties shown in red are VE zones, while properties in blue are AE zones. Please note, if your property lies within 2 or more flood zones, the more restrictive applies. VE is more restrictive than AE, and a higher number is more restrictive than a lower number.

Lee County has compiled a list of helpful floodplain mapping websites, which can be viewed here.

Floodplain Regulations
The Town of Fort Myers Beach is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program. By agreeing to enforce floodplain regulations, flood insurance becomes available to residents and property owners in the town.
The Town Council adopted new floodplain regulations on September 3, 2013, effective immediately. Please refer to Ordinance 13-06.

Elevation Certificates
Elevation Certificates are very helpful and are used for 2 main reasons:
1) Community Development staff uses elevation certificates to ensure that new construction or substantial improvements to property are compliant with floodplain regulations for minimum building elevation to or above the required Base Flood Elevation.
2) The insurance industry uses elevation certificates to rate your structure for flood insurance. Generally speaking, for each 1 foot above the required Base Flood Elevation your home or business is elevated, you will see a corresponding decrease of nearly 50% in your annual flood insurance premiums. Conversely, for each foot below BFE, your rates will double. Elevating your home can be costly, but this explanation shows how you can save a lot of money in annual flood insurance premiums, while having a safer home or business to enjoy. Download the Elevation Certificate Fact Sheet from FEMA for more information.

Contact a surveyor to have an Elevation Certificate prepared for your home or business. An Elevation Certificate is the only way to ensure that your premium accurately reflects your risk.

Continue to our Elevation Certificates page to find Elevation Certificates that are currently on file with the Town.

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