Noise Levels

The Town of Fort Myers Beach regulates the effect sound has on neighboring properties through Chapter 14 of the Code of Ordinances. 
If you believe there has been or is currently a violation occurring regarding noise you may file a complaint in the following manner: 

•     During the hours of 8:30am – 9:00pm Monday through Friday (Town Hall hours excluding Federal Holidays) – please call Town Code Enforcement at (239) 463-5888 and advise us that you are calling to report a noise complaint. We will need your address as well as that of the location creating the noise whenever possible. If you prefer to send us an email click HERE.

•     If the noise is occurring after hours (listed above) you may call the Town at 239-463-5888 or the Lee County Sheriff’s Department at (239) 477-1000. 

If you call the Lee County Sheriff’s Department: the Sheriff's Dispatcher will give you a CFS (Call for Service) number for your complaint, please either call Code Enforcement at (239) 463-5888 the following day or send us an email be sure to provide us with your CFS number, Code Enforcement will contact the Sheriff’s Department for follow up of your complaint.

You may track the results of your complaint on our website by clicking HERE.