Florida Open Records Disclaimer

Florida has a very broad public records law. With very few exceptions, written communications to or from Town elected officials, employees or volunteers, including email addresses, are public records available to the public or media upon request. Therefore, the action request you are about to submit may be subject to public disclosure and anonymity cannot be guaranteed.

By choosing "I Accept" you acknowledge receiving this information and your desire to continue and have your communication and email address be subject to public disclosure.  By choosing "I Decline", you will be directed back to the Town's homepage and will not be able to utilize the website to accomplish your request for action.  You may alternately use the telephone to make your request. 

The public records law requires a person requesting inspection or copies of public records to identify a record with sufficient specificity to permit the custodian to locate it and to provide the person requesting the records with an estimate of the cost to provide the records.  The Town may have records in its possession which you may consider pertinent to your request.  However, it will be necessary for you to identify the documents with more specificity, i.e., date, author, subject, or recipient in order for the custodian to locate them, copy them, and inform you of the cost to provide them to you. 


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