Marine and Environmental Resources Task Force


The Marine and Environmental Resources Task Force exists to promote stewardship of marine resources. This includes stopping further damage and rehabilitating Estero Bay and its surrounding waters, wildlife, plant life, and air and water quality. The Task Force's purpose also involves bringing Estero Bay and its surrounding waters and the Estero Island shoreline to the point that they will continue to be the driving force of the Town's economy. The goal is to sustain the quality of life in cooperation with all whose livelihoods or lifestyles depend upon the health of Estero Bay.


Meeting times and days are subject to change. Please refer to the agendas posted on the Town's Website. 


  • Steve Johnson, Chair - Term Expires: October 2024
  • William Althoff - Term Expires: October 2025
  • Robert Howell - Term Expires: October 2024
  • Rose Larkin - Term Expires: October 2024
  • Jennifer Rusk - Term Expires: October 2024
  • Mary Rose Spalletta, Vice Chair - Term Expires: October 2025
  • David Nusbaum - Term Expires: October 2025

Staff Liaison

Chadd Chustz
Austin Gilchrist

Council Liaison

Bill Veach 


MERTF Pop Up Calendar

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